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Pilgrims All

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on June 12, 2017 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The chance of writing poetry for performance perhaps is always something to be grateful for and this is my latest offering. Written for a programme about Boston and poetry. I hope they will use it and I look forward to meeting up with benjamin Zephaniah.

Pilgrims All

Silent oars bear them away from persecution.

Stealthy as a fox they slip away,

Escaping deserted moorings.

Sails rustle, unfurl,

Fill as wind breathes freedom.

Pilgrims all, they huddle in cold darkness,

Dreaming of a new start as waves lick hull -

Praying for a future in a kinder land.

The angry North Sea tosses them like flotsam,

Battered and bruised, like the ship itself,

They rock and shiver.

Merciless waves echo grim tattoos of submission;

Until gratefully they drift to harbour.

Ship now too frail to last another onward voyage,

The pilgrims make their home,

Embracing a new tongue and newer dreams,

Remaining in the flat lands.

While others, forced to return,

Wait for passage on a greater voyage and pray for tolerance at home…

Ships ferried pilgrims once to distant shores

To echo dreams of freedom down the ages;

To give, to take, to cultivate and trade, enslave, make free,

Forget the pain they left behind so many years ago.

And now, a lone memorial stands in an East Coast town

Remembering ancestral homes where newer pilgrims tread -

And still they sail on dangerous hulks to unknown shores,

Pilgrims all,

Asking only welcome from the mild descendants of the men who stayed behind.

Hoping for a quiet sanctuary here, they dream

Of work and prayer and freedom in the fields of Lincolnshire.

© Lisa Marie Gabriel June 2017

In Remembrance Of Future Present

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on July 13, 2012 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

On the sacred touch

Of a Summer breeze,


To a heart in Winter slumber,

Flows such warm fragrance…

Sweet Life renewed

In tender caress -

And in this Wave of Love

I gladly swim

I sing

Through the Heart of darkness;


In the Stream

Of a thousand lives -


The deep mystery of Renewal.

Faith is my rock

And Love?

Passion no longer

My hiding place -

But joy - this fountain of Light

And Summer laughter…

And shall I taste the Promise

Of things to come?

Here, in this space of simply being?


The touch of an Angel’s wing

Unknown to me -

Unknowing -

Folds my soul

In such a fond embrace

And in soft kiss


Just Who I am…

This was the "flagship" poem in my first collection which is currently on a Goodreads giveaway. If you enjoy my website or my poems, you might like to enter the draw for a free copy on the Goodreads website.  

The book In Remembrance of Future Present is available in print and also on Kindle. 


In Remembrance of Future Present: A Journey through the Art and Heart of Lisa Gabriel



Two and a half and counting....

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on July 13, 2012 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Today I am truly feeling the run up to my early retirement. For all my life it seems I have been working for the material things needed by myself and others. Two and a half more teaching days, or six days to go and then I shall be mistress of my own destiny. I am more than a little frightened of the financial implications, but confident that I can make a go of it. So looking forward to being able to smell the roses - and write about them too!

Since 1980, my life has been ruled by bells and timetables, deadlines for reports and stocktakes, I have grown tired of seeing good manners greeted by indifference at best, suspicion at worst - and having to put up with the passive aggressive behaviour of others.... and for Heavens sake, that is only the (professional) adults! Anyway, as I write this I am still aware I have a LOT of paperwork to do before term ends, a couple of student guitars still to repair and some timetables to reorganise for next week. Roll on freedom, an abundance of time and all the lovely things that will go with it!

The Minstrel and the Bard

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on July 12, 2012 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Today's poem from A Whisper of the Romantic in the Eye of God is the Minstrel and the Bard, written after seeing a street musician play outside Lincoln Cathedral.


And a piper at the Gates of Love,

Assured and unselfconscious,

Tells of a bittern

Who died by the lake -

Frozen -

Beak unable

To penetrate the ice….

Sweet, the Uillean pipes

Croon dark lament

By stone on stone….

I am taken up

On these bold Celtic wings.


Do not resist!

My heart was always yours

For the taking.

My soul wants to fly -

To penetrate the ice

Of Lincoln’s noonday sun

And drink the sweet waters

Of Freedom….

I long to fly to you,

My distant love,

And sing my dreams….

Long to share

This Flight

With you….

And now

The music changes to a reel -

My feet

Invited to the Dance!

These pipes, this piper,

Weave their magic well….

By this Cathedral

Ancient, strong in ritual and romance,

We share a pagan mirth!

The Minstrel and the Bard

Who meet by chance -

I miss you now,

But will not die of Love -

Nor try to dance!

(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel

A Poem A Day (Keeps the Doctor Away)

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on July 11, 2012 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

I decided several days ago that I wanted to share my words further afield. I know that poetry is a strangely intimate sharing and some people do not really approve. The disapproval extends beyond the self publication most poets have to indulge - unless they are famous for something else already, or truly capture the heart strings of a particular time to find themselves trending, willingly or unwillingly - in a world full of casual followers.

My poetry has always striven to be positive, even in dealing with the most negative of issues, and for some that approach is too rose tinted, but for me it is about a spiritual mastery of one's current life situation. Indulging negative experience with negative expression might trend more in the modern world, but the process of catharsis, however well received, might result in regression rather than moving forward. I hope to move forward always - I did with A Whisper of the Romantic in the Eye of God  and I hope my new work following my Father's sad death this year will continue this personal growth and learning. Once published of course I will share... Kindle is likely to be the medium though.

I have been sharing a poem a day on Twitter, and I think I should share them here too for those who find Twitter too ephemeral. Today's  reflection was Sea of Memory.... This is a romantic poem and what is wrong with that?

Sea of Memory….

Waves tremble,


On the dark granite Ocean

That is my mind.

A fond tide stirs them,

This, my love for you,

Will never end…

Hold me

Just an instant in your thoughts,

That I might feel once more

The tender hand of memory

On this -

Faint Heart of Darkness …

Think of me awhile with love,

So that your voice

May fill my soul with light -

And laughter -

As I strive to catch the Dream

That I would share

With One -

A vital part of me -

Who drives the steady

Force of Love

Through time, space

And Eternity

Until it finds its Peace

With You….

Liberals, Conservatives and a Strange Calm....

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on May 15, 2010 at 5:17 AM Comments comments (0)

A strange calm has settled over the tiny part of Britain I inhabit. After the comments heard for months about the dire consequences of a Conservative win in the May 6th election, people are carrying on as though nothing has happened. They are keeping Schtum! Could it be that the coalition with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats is keeping those fears in check? Is Nick trusted to rein in the green eyed monster of Tory cuts or have we just seen nothing yet?

From a personal point of view, I found such an alliance, however noble in concept, was beyond my ability to stomach. I remember too well the 1980s. I am also aware how young Conservatives treat democracy as a "game to be won" where "winner takes all" and I wonder if this is the calm before the storm! True there are Facebook groups against the coalition and equally true there are many left wing Lib Dem supporters up in arms about it, but the inner ranks of the party are toeing the line. This is after all, the first taste of real power in 90 years and faith in Nick's ability is universal in the Liberal Democrats. As I campaigned with him in 1999 and fully understand his charisma, this is NO surprise to me.

My thoughts on this sunny Saturday, having resigned as Lincoln Local Party Chair and now relieved of the responsibility of party office is that time alone will tell. Activists are not sharing their thoughts with me, I feel almost as though I have been sent to Coventry. I guess my views are beyond the pale - sorry, no, I think EXPRESSING them is beyond the pale. (Strange in a Party like ours!) Even Vince Cable has been brought on message, so I will wait and see - and hope I am wrong about the consequences five years ahead.

In response to someone urging Vince to break away - a silly idea I believe....

Liberal voters traditionally do not flock to split parties, they flock to Labour or Conservative. Personally I think Vince was right to talk with Gordon Brown, but the Labour Party didn't really want to deal. They felt beaten, bruised and ready for a rest to lick their electoral wounds. It would have been difficult getting enough Labour and Nationalist support for one thing, and for another they KNOW how unhappy voters will be with this Liberal/Conservative coalition.


The glittering prize of course is AV - but then nobody is happy with that system. Tories will certainly campaign against, Labour now have little motivation to adopt it, and if Lib Dems campaign against it (preferring STV) we might be able to put our MPs in a broom cupboard after 2015....

The Labour Party now just have to sit back, prepare for 2015, and watch their membership grow as Lib Dems get fed up with Tory cuts.



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On a more personal level, (perhaps appropriate to the present mood) Leonard Cohen has always been a great favourite of mine. This great Canadian singer appealed to me even as a child. He was only 31 when he released his first record in 1967 but he seemed so old and wise! I learned to love his dark poetry and gravelly voice through that 1967 recording. His voice had a magical personality that struck you right in the heart!

I was in British Columbia last year and we all sat watching his live concert from London. The performance was mesmerizing. One of his greatest songs is Hallelujah.Here I show you how you might play it on the guitar and pay tribute to the huge talent of Leonard Cohen.




Mozart and Sibelius - Just a Speculation

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on July 17, 2009 at 11:23 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, how can you have Mozart and Sibelius together unless they are in your CD collection? Apart from arranging Mozart in the style of Sibelius? That would be rather grand, but I don't intend to go there, too much music of my own to write in too little time, BUT I have heard it speculated about!

What would Mozart have done with sibelius software? Do you know, I don't think Mozart needed it. I think that Mozart had one of those Asperger genius type brains that consider all possibilities simultaneously. One of the type of genius brains that could become a grandmaster at chess, or tell you without thinking for longer than 15 seconds not only what day of the week Elizabeth the First was born on, but precisely how many hours elapsed between her birth and Elizabeth the Second's!


Wouldn't it be something to have a brain like that? Well, yes, but it would be so very, very noisy! I know when I compose (with sibelius) the themes bounce around for days afterwards and I can't think or sleep straight. Think what that would have been for Mozart! That is some internal orchestra!

All the best from Me!

Creativity, Content, SEO and Balance....

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on May 29, 2009 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Well, don't you just love it when you make a blog post that disappears? It just illustrates the point above. With internet publishing you will probably spend twice as much time on the nitty-gritty of trying to get noticed as you do on the main purpose of creating and sharing ideas....

I am a musician, and the democratization of the publishing process via the internet is the promise of a foot in the door! In reality, it is a hard slog, especially when you are doing it in your spare time and others are doing it as a job. I would rather just make the music, post it somewhere and let it sell itself, but it ain't-a-gonna!

Take Sibelius for instance ( a great site which is presently in a ferment (or torment) of upgrading which has left the little guys to flounder. Under the previous system your peers could vote you into prominence as a composer and arranger on the Top 10 board and there was the commission board where you could bid for work. On the new site the Top 10 is now a degenerate mess of unchanging hymn and anthem arrangements from one store which has so many meta tags in its store heading that it takes as much space as 4 usual store ads!

Now eventually the overworked technicians may address that problem, but in the meantime what was one of the largest shop fronts for new compositions on the web has stalled. Stores manned by those already in the publishing industry are getting vastly more coverage than those manned by independents although the fees are the same. The scent of SEO manipulation, or of friends in the business at Avid? Who knows? Anyway, I am happy to muddle along selling a bit here and a bit there and one day, who knows, I might just cover my rent! They say "let us know if you think it is unfair" but nothing has changed so far in respect to Ave Maria Top 10s or some stores' over-exposure at the expense of others.


Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Joe Satriani and Coldplay in battle over Rachmaninoff riff....

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on May 5, 2009 at 10:47 AM Comments comments (0)

I am sorry to double post my blog, but this really made me smile. :tongue:

I am presently interested in music rights because of a book I am writing so it was quite ironic to discover this little gem:

The offending snippet of tune is based on the piano riffs some 5 minutes and 20 seconds into the song. The song in question is a very long folk/jazz opus full of acoustic guitars and Cat's snatchy vocal sighs that runs in at about 18 minutes in total. (Yusuf Islam is perhaps better known as Cat Stevens....)

"There's been this argument about Coldplay stealing this melody from Joe Satriani," Islam told the Sun. "But, if you listen to it, it's mine! It's the Foreigner Suite. It is!"

However, Joe Satriani is suing the British band, claiming that the same melody (Viva La Vida) is really If I Could Fly, an instrumental recorded in 2004.

In my humble opinion, all of them need to listen to Rachmaninoff. (Or perhaps they did and then jazzed it up a bit!!!) Shame he is too dead to sue anyone.... he could have been extremely rich with all the accidental quotes from rock, pop and jazz bands if only he'd been alive enough to pursue the music rights!

Oh well....


Wasting shoe leather on Boots....

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on May 2, 2009 at 2:28 PM Comments comments (3)

An interesting couple of days, during which I discovered that Boots the chemist no longer sells sodium bicarbonate. Is this another manifestation of the nanny state I ask myself? All these innocent people wanting bicarb for non-allergenic household use and now unable to get it because someone might ingest too much sodium? Hrrrumph, I say.... HRRRRUUUUUMPH!!!!

So meanwhile all the deadly poisons customers might accidentally or intentionally ingest remain on the shelves and poor old baking soda is fast decried a social pariah - as was vitamin C powder - possibly for similar reasons??? ;-) I guess icing sugar and non-fragranced talc will be next for the chop.... So before I head off to the Republic of Ireland to order 25 kilos of the stuff to make my postage economic, I thought I would have a little whingelette here.

As an aside, anyone who is interested in composing and publishing music on line might appreciate this link:

OK.... so after many hours slaving over this hot keyboard (believe me, the letters are wearing off!) I must finally get lunch or supper or whatever....

Enjoy your Bank Holiday, but don't get indigestion, and if you do )or you need to deodorize the fridge or the cat box) don't waste shoe leather visiting Boots.....

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