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Elizabeth and Eric are special friends on the Care2 network, who bring such joy to many through their poetry. It was these two who encouraged me to write again, and they produce so many beautiful poems, my gifted friends…

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In addition, I would like to draw your attention to my friends, Oliver and Laetitia Tadpole, if you have a liking for insanity, naughtiness and downright irreverence, combined with humour, illustrations and zero political correctness you might like to visit their site. You need a GSOH - you have been warned...LOL....


LizMac is a lensmaster on Squidoo who is (among other things) a prolific poet and writes beautifully, here is a link to her lens where she sets herself the task of writing a poem every day for a year!

Well done Liz!!!


It is important in life
To breathe
As we live each moment
We breathe
In all that we do
Let’s breathe
Deeply, slowly deliberately

Life is speeding up
Things are moving faster
Major shifts happening
Love is outpouring
At times we may feel spaced
Or perhaps odd !!
No matter, all is well

It is important in life
That we breathe
As we live each moment
Please breathe
In all that we experience
Just breathe
Deeply, slowly, deliberately

An uplifting is occurring
Energies are lightening
Consciousness is changing
An alertness is happening
A feeling of magic in the air
The unknown breaking out
Love is flowing, flow too.

It is important in life
For us to breathe
With each moment of now
Just breathe
Experience the presence
Through breathing
Deeply, slowly, deliberately

Develop eyes to see
And ears to hear
Let the inner voice
Guide you to safe havens
Of love, peace and joy
Then pour the love outwards
To all on earth, everywhere

It is important right now
To breathe
As each moment presents
Just breathe
Enjoy the new ride
And breathe
Deeply, slowly, deliberately

© Elizabeth A Feisst 8 May 2005

Upon Finding My Soul’s Mate

Toward you I was drawn
Without compulsion.
I could not control my direction
I only floated on the cosmic winds
Of eternity,
Toward that to which I belonged.
To which I belonged.
The one that could meet me
And complete me.
Toward the one that sang
My soul's sweet song
Now together we dance,
Singing melody and harmony,
Meeting on point and counterpoint.
One unit,
Divided in time and space
But united in heart and soul.

© E Fletcher


The Sacred Union


The sacred union

One with the divine

A marriage of self

With the Self.

The higher with lower,

The inner with outer

As above, so below

And within.

A union in Oneness

Uniquely displayed

In union as one

With One.

Together all is

Unity, peace, serene

Love just being itself,


The Sacred Union

Omnipotent, omniscient

Omnipresent, All One


© Elizabeth A Feisst 21 April 2005


Underneath a starry sky

You and I have met

In our delight.

Clothed only in mist

And radiant smiles,

We are glowing

With our love.

It amazes me how quickly

Love can grow,

From like and likelihood.

A chance meeting

On the cosmic winds of change

Causing two souls to bond,

Two hearts to meld,

Two lives to become one.


Bound by Love's silken threads,

We lie together,

Dreaming of a future past

That has yet

To come to us,

Yet we know

That with care and compassion

It will.

For you there is nothing

That I will not do.

Starlight fades.

The horizon turns pink

With the freshness

Of the coming day:

Our first day together

In this new love.

© E Fletcher

Many Perceptions

It can be said
That all is perception
How we see the truth
What is right for me
May not be for you;
Consider this:
I think therefore I am
Or - I am therefore I think
Maybe - All there is, I am
Or - I am all there is
Perhaps -I am therefore you are
Or - You are therefore I am
Then - I am or You are
The sum total of
My or Your thoughts
Or -My or Your thoughts
Are the sum total of me or you
Even - All is One, al-one
Or - One is All, all-one
So where does this leave us
On the journey of truth?
Right where we are as
All just is as it is; any moment
Any time, any how, anyway
In being who or what we are
And allowing others
The same privilege
No judgment, no comment
Just loving acceptance
Of self and others being
As you and they are
Yet with understanding
That all is well and
As it should be;
No need to change the world
That is happening anyway
As is our own world
No need to do, just be in
A happy knowing that
All is well. All just is
Freely being without doing
All is all. That is all.

(c) Elizabeth A Feisst 18 May 2005

The Very First Day….

A day like any other

Nondescript in every way.

But then you come

Dancing Into my life,

Like an angel

Dressed in mortal rags.

Beautiful in every way,

Radiating with a light

That comes from within.

Never have I

Seen more beauty

Than the beauty

That I see in you.

Never will I

Forget this day,

It is imprinted

In my brain.

Now the day is

Something special,

All because of you


© E Fletcher


The Olive Branch

An olive branch seems to be
Shaping a beauty of peace
In our world of hope and love
Extending hands and limbs
Beyond borders and boundaries
Uplifting in the process of
Carrying with it a message
That all is becoming more
And more as it can and could
Peace, that effervescent flame
Of hope that understanding
Is at last getting messaged
Everywhere, within and without
Providing a picture of smiles
In the hearts and minds
Of all souls knowing that
Caring and sharing of love
Brings a ray of contentment
Serenity and calmness and
Respect and honour of all
Including self pervades
The olive branch of peace

©Elizabeth A Feisst 22 May 2005

Love's Reflection

Could it be,
That when I look at you
I see a reflection
Of who I am
And who you
Make me want to be
Is that why,
You are so very special to me
Do you really love me
Or do I love you
So much
That what I feel for you
Is being reflected
Back at is all..jaz

© Jazmin G. April 2005


Bluebells at Ballaglass

Spring in May, bluebells
In Ballaglass they bloom
Like carpets they entice
Lying on the softness
Bordering on brilliance
Enhancing the way
For exploring more
Along a trodden path
Bearing roots and rock
The shadows, the rays
The bluebells call one
To seek further blue
Beyond to more blue
Down yonder shore
Port Cornaa pebbled
Sheltered cove,quiet
Shore to contemplate
Once more returning
Through sheltering
Trees and bluebells
On path trodden
By many before
In springtime blue
The bells chime
Return again and
Explore some more.


(c) Elizabeth A Feisst 13 May 2005

A walk

I walked to the lake

of shining splendour

sizzling green of leaves

dancing in a breeze

flirted with my senses,

faeries, pixies courting

like the yakky ducks a-squawking.

I was taken

dancing by

waters ripples,

skating like a graceful swan.

A downy feather launched itself

upon the waters

& sailed away,

a golden galleon sailing forth

in sunlight

to lands unknown.


© Gillie Kelly, May 19th 2005.


Not Just For Man

Billowing clouds rising,
Over white capped azure blue,
A silhouette of beauty,
Framing golden peaks, sky of auburn hues.
White sand streaked with sea shells,
Showering froth, gleaming rose.
Land laid out, under contrails,
of cloud, and light in repose.
You are not alone here,
nature holds your hand.
Life is for living,
and life is so grand,
the earth is for all things,
not just for man.

© Jonathan Stephenson

“To all of those here who are so dedicated to saving our earth,

Love Jon”


Pictures in my heart


there you were laying next to me

I watched your chest move in and out

as you lay lost in sleep

I was taking pictures

In my mind, making memories

For the times I could not reach out,

and find you next to me

How many times

I have watched you

Those stolen glimpses,

when you were unaware

As if I knew,

I would need these pictures one day

In my heart,

to keep me warm and secure

When everything around me felt so cold

And without you there...

I was so lost and alone

love is all..jaz

©Jazmin G, May 01, 2005

The Way (a song)

Dwell on the surface, the inner light fades
Through it's essence you'll know the way
No desires the mystery is clear
Your desire won't bring it near
From the one we're all the same
From one center the wheel goes 'round again

You're a kite at the end of a string
Cut loose, let your spirit be free
Bend like a willow in the wind
And flow with the way

Right and wrong, bad and good
There's no difference just a point of view
Hard and soft, fast and slow
Need each other to carry the load
Gold and diamonds won't feed your soul
The dreams you live for can never be sold

You're a kite at the end of a string
Cut loose, let your spirit be free
Bend like a willow in the wind
And flow with the way

Empty your mind and fill your soul
Travel light down life's slippery road
Wars are fought by the fearful mind
See the world as yourself and be kind
Open your heart let peace burn within
With love for the earth and her children

You're a kite at the end of a string
Cut loose, let your spirit be free
Bend like a willow in the wind
And flow with the way



© solrey zendancer May 2005


I Will To Will

I will to will Thy Will
Gently and softly
Through time and tide
As joy and peace become
A perfect union
Of all that we are.

I will to will Thy Will
Tenderly and lovingly
Knowing that all is well
Being as it should be
Loving as it loves
In Oneness of Now

I will to will Thy Will
Calmly and serenely
Seeing sun and smiles
Blue skies and happiness
Laughter and light
And perfection only.

I will to will Thy Will
Hopefully and joyfully
Playing as little ones
In the playground of life
Swings and roundabouts
The joyful modus operandi

I will to will Thy Will
Freely and wondrously
Happily laughing lightly
With a grateful heart
An open and still mind
To merge with all life

I will to will Thy Will
Consciously knowing
That the Will of One
In union with all
Will see everything be
All-ways, always.

© Elizabeth A Feisst 5 May 2005



Bird Of Light

I am a bird of flight
Flying and soaring,
Higher and higher
Exploring heights
Before never been
Seeing yonder -
Into infinity
Eternity arises
Before and beside
Above and below
Within and without
I am a bird of light
Shining brightly
Lighter and lighter
Purity, clarity
Higher and lighter
Lighter and higher
A wisdom ancient
Is mine to partake
I am the flight
I am the light

(c) Elizabeth A Feisst 13 May 2005


Light Of Life

An explosion of white light
Is occurring presently
A magnificent quickening
Of the white light of life -
Love is in the air
So breathe it in, slowly
Deeply - filling every cell
Feel it filling your heart
Your soul, your mind
Your being - feel the beauty
The love, the peace, the joy
This is the essence
Of our very existence
Be saturated in love
This is you, me, us
Be this love fully and
With certainty know
That in the deserving of
Receiving this infinite
Flow of light of life you are
The light of the world
You can and are flowing
Forth in the essence of
Oneness that all is perfectly
Being presently present
In the presence of All there is
Love - That Divine essence
Of Creation. It is Being
Now is Here, Love is All

©Elizabeth A Feisst 16 May 2005


I Give You The Rose

How fair the rose
Friendships to share
The color, the aura
Delicate and rare
The radiance of its scent
Flows through the air
Pink, a soft color
From a gentle heart
Beauty to share
Delicate and tender
As a true friends heart
I give you the rose
A fragrant beauty
Fit for the gods
Strength born of pain
As one flower withers
And dies
Another blooms
To take its place
A new cycle starts
I give you the rose
A glimpse into our hearts
In honor of friendships
Old ones that flourish
And new ones that
Will forever start
I give you the rose
And endless flow
Love with all its beauty
That lives in our hearts
I give you the rose
love is all...jaz

(c) Jazmine G. August 2005