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A home of inspirational poetry, music and video by Lisa Gabriel and her friends

Catching the dream from far beyond….


Catching the dream from far beyond….

That passes through, mere whisper to the soul, from something great.

That still, small voice that is so often drowned

By Life’s necessities, its rush and manic state.



Catching the hope of far beyond….

The dream we all should dare, if time there be,

The legacy we’re offered, one and all,

If only we should dare to dream and set it free.



Catching the moment sent from far beyond…

Before its lost forever in the haze of thought

That occupies each second of our human span,

That stifles our awareness and brings dreams to nought.



Catching the spirit lent from far beyond….

Before it flies unnoticed to another realm;

Lighting the present with a fleeting glimpse of Love -

That’s poetry, with body, mind and spirit at the helm….



© Lisa Gabriel 10th April 2005


The Power of Words…..

The power of words is the power of Love,

Mingling our souls,

Where hearts and minds a thousand miles apart

May dance,

A dance in celebration of a beauty shared…..

Your words may make me cry,

May make me laugh,

But make me feel something, my own, is yours….

And that is Love,

Unbound by distance, age or gender,

Race or colour,

Religion, occupation…..

Your words?

My spirit…..

Sing my words too, for they are yours,

In that we share with God between the lines -

Between us - in the words,

The joy of this communion….

Move me, and now I swear I will move mountains,

Mountains of my own,

The mountains of our shared humanity…..

We are as One,

And you will share

My life, my love, my words….

For words are all we have;

With Love to guide,

The power of words

Reveals the Truth,

The Dream of who We are….


© Lisa Gabriel, 30th April 2005

Voices shared


Love me…


Through space and time;

No sight, nor touch -

Voices in my mind…


Bold voices -

Sharing light and laughter,

Loved so much,

Well known

And yet unknown…


Find me…


A common dream…

No subtle limits,

Hearts as One, no rift…


Brave spirits!

Spread your love and laughter,

Hope and joy,

To one and all -

A happy gift!


Touch me…


In my darkness

I share your light -

Those words that shine!


Shine gladly -

Stars in flight -

And for your truth

I willingly

Share mine!

©Lisa Gabriel, 19th May 2005



Soft Words, In Calm Moments….


You come to me

In quiet moments

Between sleep and wakefulness,

When the world outside

Is dark with the Promise

Of New Day.

When I am most alone,

Then you are there at night

To guide….

My Muse,

Child of the Light,

My Hope,

My Love

And dearest Friend….

So stay

And, if my words

Can ever touch you,

Knowing , as I do,

Life’s challenges

Weigh heavy on your gentle soul,

Then Sweet the touch,

And hope that Love

Which makes us whole

May find you -

Bringing Joy and Peace to one

Who gives so much…


©Lisa Gabriel, 22nd May 2005


My Laugharne Love….

“Ydych chi’n eisiau yn arall, Cariad?”

“We do not ‘ave such truck with Nationalists here,

The English do not like it!”

Laughing, weEnglish, here in Brown’s Hotel,

Wallpaper stained and faded - long unchanged -

Giggle through our warm, Welsh bitter beer.

Toast the Man, resplendent in old photograph,

As, playing cards, he too laughs with old regulars.

Then, like hungry sparrows, flock We to the Shed.

Young Lion crouches, mane a sail aflame,

Romp, smiling Beauty at his side

He rolls a slimline Jazz - caring Llareggub!

Then to the glass pained door

With smoke paned eyes squeezed tight on Faith….

Dark laden, dusty as Caitlin left it thus,

On desk, a bottle now undrained,

Typewriter silent as the grave,

Pencils bask with cigarettes now cold

And paper balls on desk and floor;

Left alone one final time

Just as the day it was He died

And Music left the Bay….

Over Sir John’s Hill clouds are scudding;

We small birds of the Bay seek shelter from their tears….

Dilly, dilly! Come we to die beneath this Hawk’s shadow?

We four, sequestered within wooden pillars,

Come to live!

The Jazz is mine, I offer it to Sea and Sky,

Reach in my jacket, twist the metal cap,

Savour the music of the moment….

“Ydych chi’n eisiau yn arall, Cariad?”

I whisper to the silent tide beneath.

The Hawk on Fire hangs still,

The Famous Grouse takes flight,

An offering to you,

My Laugharne Love….


© Lisa Gabriel, 9th July 2005