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I wait in trust



I wait in trust for times

That will not pass me by

As stranger,

Through mist of long confusion

Tinged with brandy tears.



Unwise to dwell on wasted years….



Oblivious to danger,

Throw my heart unfathomed

Into channelled rhymes –

And hope to still my fears,

Each minute an eternity….



Each second full as it can be!



In life

Where springs the hope?

This love I feel

With all my soul?

From simple things?

In company with those

Who cannot understand?



For now alone -

Long furrow ploughed in pain

From which I seek to nurture peace

In trust and solitude so vast;

These words that leave my hand

For all to see

Ring true, sing strong and proud

In heartfelt gratitude at last

That I…. am me….



© Lisa Gabriel, 28th December 2005

New Year’s Eve.



Feel sharp clarity,

This last December sun

Bites through my fingers

Where melting snows run….

Time alone may hide –

With still, white veil on skyline –

Laughing yesterdays thrown warm

Into welcoming arms of snow….

City-self clothed in white,

Lay low in tender innocence

Fine and pure as a virgin bride….

Now, bold with resolution,

Dare I fly through life

Into the New and brave Unknown!

Love’s wings will lift,

Release from pain,

And life returns to frozen hands

Relaying from the heart of love

New dreams, from old, now born again!



© Lisa Gabriel, 31st December 2005

Tonight I love



Tonight I love

With gentleness of spirit

And let my soul take wing

In Oneness now and joy of it….

I would not say

The way you fill each hour; and yet

The peace you bring with radiant smile

Is something sacred

I cannot forget….



So, let me dance

This highway of my being

Where, somehow awed, I sing

In honest faith for clearer seeing.

Tonight I pray

Allow my dreams are whole -

Within one perfect moment’s span,

To be content

In heart, in mind and soul….




© Lisa Gabriel, 3rd January 2005

Under the Apple Tree….



Under the apple tree was never easy –

Nor was I ever young….

In those far off days of Summer,

I swear, the hours were long

And dark dreams longer.

I shut my heart,

Sought comfort in the gift of song,

So, numb, I played an alien part

Lived in perpetual haze

Till I grew stronger….

Then, under those same boughs

I set me free and danced awhile –

Oh! I was beautiful in you

When apples blossomed!

Then dared to smile

And dreaming light,

I caught a glimpse of me –

Young now, and laughing easy, beautiful,

Content in Being, blissful Being True….



© Lisa Gabriel 8th January 2005

Now Love’s echoing stillness



Now Love’s echoing stillness

Drifts soft through Being….

Here, as I am

Sheltered, eternal shade,

I trust the waves

On which I rock….

There is no end;

But freeing

All I am through you

To fear no shock….

So in my stillness -

Come to me as friend -

I sail on fearless

Through remaining days.

Future unknown,

Past nurtured,

Present I own

In love alone

To Be amazed….



© Lisa Gabriel 24th January 2006

As Future Time….



As Future Time must pass and fade

Here in the moment,

Past forgot,

Forgive all errors made….

Deep in the heart of meaning –

Storm scoured Sea unchanged,

Rain captive now release to fill again,

To swift concede in flux

Receding tide of pain –

All live for change

In light and shade!

Love cannot cease to Be;

Will never hide forgiving Grace

Where fear of silence bowed to Faith

To rise and boldly face the Now –

Yet face it Free –

So future days and past,

But never Love,

Would pass and fade….



© Lisa Gabriel, 1st February 2006



Ten thousand lifetimes,


Now I win eternity….

My golden Sun burns proudly –

In her truth stands tall….

So, stars blazing brightly

All are mine to see,

To touch….

To feel one drop of hope,

One dream, one seed of faith,

Outshine them all!

And in this Love

You light my way

To clear

The mist of time in trust;

So dare I chide at pain

And say,

I will not fear

Though bend I must….



© Lisa Gabriel, 14th February 2006