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Liberals, Conservatives and a Strange Calm....

Posted by lisaspoetryfromtheheart on May 15, 2010 at 5:17 AM

A strange calm has settled over the tiny part of Britain I inhabit. After the comments heard for months about the dire consequences of a Conservative win in the May 6th election, people are carrying on as though nothing has happened. They are keeping Schtum! Could it be that the coalition with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats is keeping those fears in check? Is Nick trusted to rein in the green eyed monster of Tory cuts or have we just seen nothing yet?

From a personal point of view, I found such an alliance, however noble in concept, was beyond my ability to stomach. I remember too well the 1980s. I am also aware how young Conservatives treat democracy as a "game to be won" where "winner takes all" and I wonder if this is the calm before the storm! True there are Facebook groups against the coalition and equally true there are many left wing Lib Dem supporters up in arms about it, but the inner ranks of the party are toeing the line. This is after all, the first taste of real power in 90 years and faith in Nick's ability is universal in the Liberal Democrats. As I campaigned with him in 1999 and fully understand his charisma, this is NO surprise to me.

My thoughts on this sunny Saturday, having resigned as Lincoln Local Party Chair and now relieved of the responsibility of party office is that time alone will tell. Activists are not sharing their thoughts with me, I feel almost as though I have been sent to Coventry. I guess my views are beyond the pale - sorry, no, I think EXPRESSING them is beyond the pale. (Strange in a Party like ours!) Even Vince Cable has been brought on message, so I will wait and see - and hope I am wrong about the consequences five years ahead.

In response to someone urging Vince to break away - a silly idea I believe....

Liberal voters traditionally do not flock to split parties, they flock to Labour or Conservative. Personally I think Vince was right to talk with Gordon Brown, but the Labour Party didn't really want to deal. They felt beaten, bruised and ready for a rest to lick their electoral wounds. It would have been difficult getting enough Labour and Nationalist support for one thing, and for another they KNOW how unhappy voters will be with this Liberal/Conservative coalition.


The glittering prize of course is AV - but then nobody is happy with that system. Tories will certainly campaign against, Labour now have little motivation to adopt it, and if Lib Dems campaign against it (preferring STV) we might be able to put our MPs in a broom cupboard after 2015....

The Labour Party now just have to sit back, prepare for 2015, and watch their membership grow as Lib Dems get fed up with Tory cuts.



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On a more personal level, (perhaps appropriate to the present mood) Leonard Cohen has always been a great favourite of mine. This great Canadian singer appealed to me even as a child. He was only 31 when he released his first record in 1967 but he seemed so old and wise! I learned to love his dark poetry and gravelly voice through that 1967 recording. His voice had a magical personality that struck you right in the heart!

I was in British Columbia last year and we all sat watching his live concert from London. The performance was mesmerizing. One of his greatest songs is Hallelujah.Here I show you how you might play it on the guitar and pay tribute to the huge talent of Leonard Cohen.




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