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God is not found in Buildings or Authority

But in detachment of the tired soul, free after long and struggling night,

Or laughter of happy children as in games they dance and sing,

In gentle mist that veils the breaking of each new-born day,

Or solemn snow peaked mountains as they sing their awesome might.

Not in Cathedral choirs as they entertain the faithful with meandering tune,

But in the evening-quiet street when falls a warm and gentle rain.

Not in the prayers for long dead Bishops who have left their pain

For light, but in the enchanted stillness of Earth’s sister, Moon.

Not in the all-too-easy praise for what we’re taught is good

But in the full acceptance of the spark divine in all Creation;

Understanding , good and bad, each species, plant or creature, creed and nation,

Loving self and others unreservedly, so surely, truly, as Creator would.

In all its aspects, life and love, acceptance, right and wrong, we see

God is not found in buildings, or in ritual, or in vain Authority!


(c) Lisa Gabriel, 9th April 2005


Peace creeps in


Peace creeps in with the darkness of night,

On the city skyline’s points of light,

In the clean night’s silence, born of flight

From the pressures of the day.

Peace calls in words from a loving friend,

In the sense of Oneness without end,

In a spirit of calm, that joy can lend

To the darkness of our mind’s array.

Peace soothes when we delight in rain

And know that pleasure follows pain;

When we rise with hope and live again

In our Sun’s renewing ray.

Peace shines on us when we love,

An envoy from some realm above;

And the soul takes wing, like a new-fledged dove ,

Free, as the flowers in May….


©Lisa Gabriel, 14th April 2005


Catching the dream from far beyond


Catching the dream from far beyond…

That passes through, mere whisper to the soul, from something great.

That still, small voice that is so often drowned

By Life’s necessities, its rush and manic state.



Catching the hope of far beyond….

The dream we all should dare, if time there be,

The legacy we’re offered, one and all,

If only we should dare to dream and set it free.



Catching the moment sent from far beyond…

Before its lost forever in the haze of thought

That occupies each second of our human span,

That stifles our awareness and brings dreams to nought.



Catching the spirit lent from far beyond….

Before it flies unnoticed to another realm;

Lighting the present with a fleeting glimpse of Love -

That’s poetry, with body, mind and spirit at the helm…



© Lisa Gabriel 10th April 2005




The Power of Words…

The power of words is the power of Love,

Mingling our souls,

Where hearts and minds a thousand miles apart

May dance,

A dance in celebration of a beauty shared…..

Your words may make me cry,

May make me laugh,

But make me feel something, my own, is yours…

And that is Love,

Unbound by distance, age or gender,

Race or colour,

Religion, occupation…

Your words?

My spirit…

Sing my words too, for they are yours,

In that we share with God between the lines -

Between us - in the words,

The joy of this communion…

Move me, and now I swear I will move mountains,

Mountains of my own,

The mountains of our shared humanity…..

We are as One,

And you will share

My life, my love, my words…

For words are all we have;

With Love to guide,

The power of words

Reveals the Truth,

The Dream of who We are…


© Lisa Gabriel, 30th April 2005




Finding the Road to Freedom.


Sometimes we struggle far too hard,

The mind we send from place to place,

And choice becomes impossible,

Once veiled behind confusion’s face.

To know oneself takes inner peace

And then detachment grants release.


And when we care, as care we must,

Our inner voice will often fail

And memories of past misdeeds

Can make us seem beyond the pale.

The answer could be “Just let go”

But who am I to tell you so?


Perhaps it seems that giving in

And tracking back is hard to do.

That vulnerable to guilt we shake

Upon the threshold of the new.

Perhaps we need to face those fears,

Work through the grief and shed some tears?


Perhaps in order to be free,

We once again must face those ties,

The pains and hardship that we fled;

The mind can tell such subtle lies…

So, to be free, must we again

Return and risk that loving chain?


And only in that giving self,

That love of such a hurting kind

Can we discover who we are

For pure avoidance makes us blind….

So, face the challenge of the past?

By this, be truly free at last…


(c)Lisa Gabriel, 10th April 2005





The truth is within us all


Look for the light between the lines

And know that you are strong;

Seek yourself in another heart

And sing another song.

Reach for that dream, beyond dreams of love,

And you will find your soul

And in that truth, that we are one,

Make conscious love your goal.

Heed the message, not the words,

For words may leave you cold;

And when life heals you, share your light

Before the flame grows old.

Reach for the spirit we all share

Whatever else we own;

The truth awaits us, if we dare

To seek and to be shown…


© Lisa Gabriel, 22nd April 2005



Love me with gentleness


Love me with gentleness, not with the storm

Of passion that consumes all in its way.

For I am like the seed that flies on the wind,

My soul seeks finer soil in which to grow

And you might grasp too hard

And crush the flower before it‘s time in May.



Love me with contentment, not with fear of loss

For what we have is not and never can be lost

Though winds of change will take me on

To where I have to fly alone….

Know in my heart there’ll always be a special place

For you, and love that never counted cost….



Love me with compassion, for all the time

I gave to you, and never counted wholly mine.

The hours spent together in that common dream

And how I helped your spirits lift when others left them low.

For how I gave my heart and mind to help you win

So that once more, for you, the sun could shine.



Love me with detachment, not with chains,

For now a path I have to find in me

That takes me into lands uncharted now -

Where freedom is the key to my new life.

Commitment to another is the path I seek - so, let me go,

And know, to love me, you must set me free.



(c) Lisa Gabriel, 7th April 2005



To One I Love….


Loving you has taught me more

Perhaps than you will ever know.

I moved through pain, an open door,

And, living with it, had to show

A vision that the love I feel

Could one day lead to something more.


Feeling pain was just the worst

Perhaps that I could gain from this;

But through my tears I learned at last

To reach for peace and inner bliss -

Acceptance, unconditional love and strength -

An angel’s kiss, love unsurpassed.


I know that we are moving still

In spirit when our pain is rife;

We’ll move together through the mill

Of complicated inner strife,

And then as equals we shall stand -

United in the Light of life.


©Lisa Gabriel, 17th April 2005



The Pit and the Pendulum….


Recognise it, for it is a necessary state,

We dare to fly and then we crash, as victims to our fate,

But victims only if we fail to act before too late…

See the pit and pendulum? But still we dare to fly.

Recognise this as a trial, ordained in times gone by,

Then rise again triumphant for the victory is nigh;

And in time that pendulum will gradually slow,

The pit will fill with conscious love to cushion every blow.

Listen to that still small voice which says Let God, Let Go!

I feel this pain, then let it fade as phantom of the night.

It is not me, and so will pass - let go, and do not fight -

And every time it passes through, I see more of the Light.

Love, if the day should ever dawn when I should rise with you

The point of balance shows a love that’s equal, strong and true.



© Lisa Gabriel, 19th April 2005



Time - present - tide flows….


Fly to me in the darkness like a moth to a velvet flame.

The beat of your gentle wings will touch my heart.

Say that you’re with me always, that you own no shame,

That time and tide alone are all that keep our souls apart.


Speak to me in the shadows as you spoke to me once before,

Speak to my heart as one who treasures simple things.

Why should you fear me? Could I ever love you more?

Love, could I give you less than what I own my spirit sings?


Touch me in silent moments when the world is fast asleep,

When, sitting alone, I wonder at Love’s hidden schemes.

Had I but said “I love you”, what whirlwinds could I reap?

Simply, I trust that time and tide are merely dreams….


© Lisa Gabriel 20th April 2005


She moved like a butterfly….

Rainbow in flight

Love was her truth

Her beauty was whole.

She moved like a butterfly….

Drawn to the light

A free dancing moth

Her lone sister soul.

Together they danced

In amazing reflection.

Moth blazed forth colours

Of new-born perfection -

And butterfly feared

Seeing Love set so free

She danced like a butterfly….

Stung like a bee!


© Lisa Gabriel, 22nd April 2007



A whisper of the Romantic….

(For my Jewels)



Shall I chase flickering logs

From frost to remembrance?

Or watch a guttering candle

Dance from eye to eye

Soft comforting all waking dreams

To journey forth

Or, wistful, spry?

No well of loneliness

But of our making….

As much my body misses

Sweet caresses

Once it only dared to dream,

My heart aflame, my soul lies tranquil

In Love’s arms of sweet remembrance!

Even now we’re One

Inseparable by Oceans in our bliss

A whisper of the Romantic

In the Eye of God….


© Lisa Gabriel, 24th April 2007


I hold no revelation in the path since mind...

I flew downstairs to freedom

From wings birth clipped,

Dreamt on my mother’s breast

And saw such Love....

So young,

So tied,

So beautiful!

And under the bed I found such wonder

In dust and jewelled sunbeams.

Friend a fiction more real

Than I could now imagine –

Elephants and paper and shaving cream!

My handsome father...

So young,

So brave,

So much in love.

And now that fifty years have passed

I wonder at the Love that made me who I am,

Still chasing rainbows....

Love is all we have and all we are,

And never ages....


So young,

So whole!

So beautiful!


(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel 26th April 2009