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The Band....

Cygnus was a short-lived labour of love in 1989.... plenty of talent, but personality clashes between the  male lead singer and others, plus his financial and girlfriend problems resulted in the band's premature demise. These songs were recorded on an 8 track in a garage, so the quality is not marvellous.... add to that the singers sharing one microphone and doing the vocals in one take.... soooo..... we will see.


Lisa Gabriel - lead and harmony vocals, electric guitar, musical arranger

Nigel Winter - lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar

Peter Layton - drums

Colin Mason - flute and saxophone


Songwriting credits, Nigel Winter/Lisa Gabriel for all except Losing Love, KevinSnell/Lisa Gabriel (c) 1989


Guests, Geoff Middleton, synth and recording, Wayne Inman, tambourine....

Great thanks to Geoff for creating the MP3s from an old and battered cassetteTape! Lovely man, and so Talented!!!!



Hysteria Hysteria.mp3

Funny.... Funny.mp3

Apartheid Apartheid.mp3

Losing Love Losing love.mp3

Rhiane Roxanne Rhian Roxanne.mp3

Don't Leave Me Alone Dont leave me alone.mp3

One Shot One shot.mp3