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The Immortal Bard himself was right about many things and Midsummer Night's Dream holds many wise ideas beneath a comic surface (A bit like the Simpson's in a modern context I suppose!)

One of those things is the similarity between the poet, the lover and the madman. In fact the Poet is all three. Poetry is always a divine expression of Love, however dark, and the writing of poetry as it manifests is a dark art understood best as a form of madness. There are dark ideas in my poems, there are many moments of madness too - but always there is Love for that Love is the Divine Law of Creation itself.

I am a bard - a singer of songs, a teller of tales and a dreamer of dreams. I live in the land between the worlds of dark and light and my purpose is to let the light shine....

Happy Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, may your Dream be beautiful and your God always be with you.

Far too complicated to explain here, save that this poem is about my first rescue Persian. I still mourn her passing, but she taught me so much....


Sonnet for an Empress….



Now so long since that final kiss

Releasing you, I still feel pain.

Such deep Love I’ll always miss

Yet losing you brought so much gain….

Wild eyes afire that winter night

Begged “Do not leave me in the cold!”

Time made you precious to my sight

And what we shared will not grow old.

In life, and death, you gave so much

Your dying led me on my way

To knowing self, to feel God’s touch,

My gratitude no words can say….

Though Sorrow binds, Love through it sings

To join our souls on Angel’s wings….



© Lisa Gabriel, 3rd December 2005

Seasons in the Fire….



When Spring Sun

Knew no time to breathe -

Love not an option -

Somehow She nurtured growth

And touched my heart,

Brought forth such song!

Then, haunting, turned to leave….



My Summer Sun,

Living in joyous fire

Stayed but awhile,

Then left for fairer climes

Comfort lay in shade

Retreating into self,

Reliving old desire….



When Autumn Sun

Appeared in bleaker days

My dreams took flight.

In openness and trust

I held the Light,

Still standing tall,

My chastened heart ablaze….



Now Winter Sun

Hones gems from leaves grown old,

My inner Sun

Still holds my soul in loving arms,

Cradling tired flame

Until new Light,

New Spring, dispels the cold….



© Lisa Gabriel, 5th December 2005

Perfect Day


It’s such a perfect day….

Rain showers my windshield,

Mud flies in abandon.

I drive slowly,

Paying attention

To each sly bend in the river

Of glistening tarmac –

I’d like to spend it with you….



Oh! It’s such a perfect day….

Bashful children guiltily smile,

Red faced, but eager,

Practice a legend,

Music forgotten,

Yet obediently play

Bright Yuletide songs….

They just keep me hanging on….



And you keep me hanging on

Through the bliss of inner sunshine;

Snatched free time walking

Through rain-scoured streets

Gilt framed with fiery golden charm

Of Autumn hedgerows

And vibrant living conifer green.

Cold wind bids me

Turn my collar

Yet promises the snug warmth

Of my Spartan workroom.

Timid rays creep smiling,

Bashful as clumsy children,

Between drizzling clouds;

Foretaste of a bold parade

Through golden guard of honour

On winding, tree-lined lanes.

Fresh air! Fresh joy! Fresh puddles

To skim in silent laughter

On this,

My journey into blithe instruction….

You just keep me hanging on

In Faith, in Love, in Gratitude –

Such a Perfect Day!



© Lisa Gabriel, 6th December 2005

Fog shrouds the River at Boston.




Blow smoke rings

Into my silver downtime –

Framing hazy Sun

In mist, upon mist,

Through freezing air….


Yet gentle,

Blue tinged ribbon of silk

Laps ancient moorings

In flow, upon flow,

Past silver railings there….


Hang snowflake silhouette

On steely tide –

Lone spider’s web,

A star adorned in morning dew,

Too pure and beautiful to hide….



© Lisa Gabriel, 9th December 2005





I wonder where you are….



Not in the City;

Too fine in the hustle

Of human plight….

Then I catch

The sound of laughter,

Flash of light -

The pulse of neon -

Bright on the skyline….



Not in these country lanes

I must pursue;


Wind down the window;

Then I taste the scent of rain

And hear the mystic music of birds

And silence….



Not here,

Where I smell sweet fragrance

And, dreaming, rest my head

Where once you lay….

Not in my silent room;

Yet silence sets the scene

To play awhile and you awake

My inner smile and make my day….



I’m lost and found in finding you

Somehow I know

When speaks my solitude -

Why wonder where you are?

I feel you all around

You’re with me everywhere I go….



© Lisa Gabriel 13th December 2005

I wait in trust



I wait in trust for times

That will not pass me by

As stranger,

Through mist of long confusion

Tinged with brandy tears.



Unwise to dwell on wasted years….



Oblivious to danger,

Throw my heart unfathomed

Into channelled rhymes –

And hope to still my fears,

Each minute an eternity….



Each second full as it can be!



In life

Where springs the hope?

This love I feel

With all my soul?

From simple things?

In company with those

Who cannot understand?



For now alone -

Long furrow ploughed in pain

From which I seek to nurture peace

In trust and solitude so vast;

These words that leave my hand

For all to see

Ring true, sing strong and proud

In heartfelt gratitude at last

That I…. am me….



© Lisa Gabriel, 28th December 2005



New Year’s Eve.



Feel sharp clarity,

This last December sun

Bites through my fingers

Where melting snows run….

Time alone may hide –

With still, white veil on skyline –

Laughing yesterdays thrown warm

Into welcoming arms of snow….

City-self clothed in white,

Lay low in tender innocence

Fine and pure as a virgin bride….

Now, bold with resolution,

Dare I fly through life

Into the New and brave Unknown!

Love’s wings will lift,

Release from pain,

And life returns to frozen hands

Relaying from the heart of love

New dreams, from old, now born again!



© Lisa Gabriel, 31st December 2005


Simply Beautiful


Simply beautiful

The way you are;

Your Summer sunlight,

Silver moonshine,

Chased dark night away

Made my heart leap in joy

To know you’re mine!



Simply beautiful

The way I am

As my Love sings

Within your presence,

Knowing darker things

Must fade to slumber

In Love’s innocence….


Simply beautiful!

In Truth we stand as One

All once Unknown and Deep

Must shine as Beacon

To the Power of Trust!



© Lisa Gabriel, 10th December 2006




Ironic this reflection

Of a “me” I do not know!

So do I view myself as others see?

Or did another sow the doubts

And fears you heaped on me?



I never owned the sad reflection

That you thoughtless cast aside!

Ironic what I did to please

Should warp my image so!

Even in Truth, you said I lied….



Ironic this reflection, friend,

You said I never knew you –

And all the time I loved you

Seems that I was looking through you!

And even though I wept

Because we’d never meet again

Ironic my reflection

Should despise me for the pain….



© Lisa Gabriel, 10th December 2006



How Fog shields

Before She lifts….

Soft, cushioning,

She blankets this,

Our world,

And softens hard reality

With insulating kiss….

So pierce the veil?

Confront your truth head on

And laugh insane

At hidden chaos?

See beyond Her glory,

Kind confusion steering lives apart,

Land laid naked –

Led from grief in joy!

Enshrine Fog’s wild illusion -

Cold, yet comforting!

Hearts once healed

Have no more need of answer -

Know no purpose more than Love –

And nor does She….

Through clearing, cleansing Fog we see!

Not Fog that madness kissed,

Yet we are One -

And dancing Innocent -

Once woken by the silence

Of December’s golden Sun!



© Lisa Gabriel 19th December 2006


New Year Comes


New Year comes,

And with it sound of sirens….

Fireworks blast my ears

To rude awakening….

This special time

I hold you yet so dear

As each and every day

A New Day starts,

Another year begins….


New Year comes,

And now I sit and ponder

Fireworks prompt

A heart to smiling recognition….

This special year

I gave myself to Love

Such Love as each and every

New Year holds

And touches warm….


Another Year,

Another Space and Time,

A chance for learning….

Yet each day, each glimpse

Of futures present,

Glories past and sorrows fled,

Was present from the First

No resolutions,

Only Love – that’s All….


© Lisa Gabriel, 31st December 2006


A Final Understanding


A smile in a photograph,

Love ephemeral as October mist;

A blip on Life's screen

As phantoms pass in the night;

A glimpse of Maybe

Sacrificed to an unknown goal;

Reminder of misunderstanding -

Grief and pain to come -

Despite the joy  of smiling eyes;

Hands relaxed,

Touching dreams -

Unrealized -

In the calm before the storm....

Here Love makes Gods of Fools,

Fools of the Wise!


(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel 2008



The Flasher.

Cold December,

Weaving through traffic jams;

So still -

Here quietude gifts patience,

Breeds a world of strange -

And stranger, beard the shade

Of salt-drenched ice that lines the way.

Nothing sexy in this man, the Flasher,

Shirt tails hanging pennants of eccentricity

Beneath an anorak with faux fur lining.

Heavy boots and half-rolled socks,

Off white, but dressing,

Virgin white on injured knee

Shows walking boots, however stout, lose grip

On white dressed streets.

Lost trousers now reflect lost grip –

Departing sanity,

A depot missed, perhaps?

The Flasher moves unnoticed –

Strange –

Invisible –

Cold care in the community...


(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel 15th December 2010

The Faerie

Ephemeral as a beam of light,

Ephemeral as life it seems,

With rainbow lightness flitting bright -

The stuff of ancient childhood dreams;

Through dappled woodland silhouette,

Like hummingbird from flower to leaf,

The Faerie need no etiquette

As Time makes quickening hour its thief.

Eternal beauty knows no ebb,

No flow of days from young to old;

The gossamer sheen of spider web

Will shield them from the Winter cold.

Believe, or not, no Faerie schemes

Through jealousy or dark desire

To break a heart or dash the dreams

Of mortals huddled round the fire....


(c) Lisa Gabriel, 31st December 2010