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Liz's Poetry

I first met Liz many years ago on the Care 2 network. She was a tremendously supportive friend at a difficult time for me and she was also a very prolific poet. Most of Liz's poetry is spiritual and at one time she maintained her own poetry website. Her style is deceptively simple but the ideas are deep and I felt her newer poems deserved to be shared. This page is the result. I hope you enjoy her poems which, like her first anthology, are Beautifully Simple Really. With love to a dear friend in Hervey Bay, Australia...



November light is soft and sweet 

So gentle and demure 

Itís New and Now and Here and There 

And Everywhere it lures 

One to be a symphony 

In harmony with life 

Purified and unified 

Soft lovelight Now so rife 

Serene - its beauty clarifies 

Itís tranquil and at peace 

A light so soft yet bright as day 

One surrenders in release 

Crystalline this light it is 

The Christ Now to the masses 

This New Light of November is 

Expansion that is massive 

Like no other November light 

Its silence speaks so clear 

Its stillness moves decisively 

Ensures everything thatís dear 

Is heartfelt at the deepest level 

Itís light and bright and free 

November light when felt by each 

Becomes the light to BE

Elizabeth Anne in Hervey Bay



As the sun goes down one re-members 
The Truth Of who do you think that you are! 
Forgotten so long while chasing the lie 
Connect with The Truth that You are 

The old order humanness on the way out 
Replaced by The Truth oneís divine 
When the sun disappears itís arisen again 
As The Truth that Now Life is sublime 

Humanness at last is forever done 
And dusted - weíve got over the lie 
Divine intervention has revealed 
The Truth One walks as The One - donít ask why! 

Itís taken so long for the grassroots revival 
To realise The Truth of One Self 
Beethoven rolled over - the Now Lifeís in clover 
Divine did reveal ItSelf

Elizabeth Anne in Hervey Bay



Life is a diamond so bright that itís blinding 

It sparkles and glistens with glee 

No longer a diamond in the rough of formation 

But perfect and pure and free 

What is the fragrance of such a pure diamond? 

Its smell is exquisite, divine 

Soothing and gentle itís beauty empowering 

Itís taste is so smooth, itís sublime 

Itís resonance bewitching it gets one up twitching 

And dancing in peace love and joy 

Feeling the love and expressing it widely 

And seeing the smiles all employ 

Moonlight on water that shimmers and glistens 

The diamond profoundly explores 

Life in the moment thatís paradise forever 

The heart of love fully restores

 So BE a white diamond and shine like a lighthouse 

Sparkle and glisten and shimmer 

Radiate love and compassion forever 

A flow-er is the perfect swimmer

Elizabeth Anne in Hervey Bay



The next step it begs one to take the next step
Beyond being human and finally accept 
The Truth of Oneís Being as The One  I AM Presence
As Divine Loveís perfection - oneís original essence 

Multi Dimensional Being Now rather than doing
Nothing Now everything where Newness is brewing 
From caterpillar to butterfly via chrysalis cocoon 
Flying gently and softly Now through the Blue Moon 

The veilís Now lifted - thereís no separation 
For all realms of Being are renewed through creation 
Creator Supreme Now the New Way of Being 
Oneís taking the next step thatís ever so freeing 

Oneís over being human at last Now oneís free
Perfect Divine Sight - The One Now to see
In perfect Divine Union in the Light of Creation 
As Universal Lovelight in purest relation 

Being OneSelf in One Love never ending 
Eternal Being no longer pretending 
Physically immortalised through the Sacred Conjunctio 
Holy One Being - The Triune, The Trio 

Elizabeth Anne



When focused on love one is hugely victorious 
One radiates like a giant sunflower 
A heart open wide revealing Loveís treasure 
For all is this great superpower 

Beyond being human this Love is so soft
It comes from a heart filled with grace
Gentleness reigns Now with kindness and patience 
And compassion for all fills oneís space 

Loveís radiation it heals to perfection 
Restoring reforming resurrecting 
In peace love and joy oneís life itís amazing 
Oneís allowing observing and reflecting

So radiate oneís love as itís electromagnetic 
With magic and miracles for all
Its magnificence amazing and its beauty contagious 
Enabling the old order to fall  

Elizabeth Anne