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Are we so fragmented?

So afraid to come together

In eternal dance of Life?

What past decisions

Led us to Our separation?

What will it take

To make us One

And whole again?

How long the trial?

What do we fear that lies

Upon the straight and narrow path,

That bids us

Take the crooked edge

In fond avoidance?

Know that I love

With all my soul

That part of You in Me –

And Me in You!

If ever joined,

We’ll burn the Heavens

With Joy –

As incandescent Suns

Aflame with Love and Light

To own Eternity.



© Lisa Gabriel, 2nd November 2005

I Am that I Am



This is me –

So silent in this hour

Of gentleness –

Too shy to speak of dreams

Or fly rich possibilities,

My hopes,

Flags on a golden helm

As I sail for stars

In faith of future harvest….



This is all –

Fond dreaming in the night…

In love and truth

My pen spins cloth of gold,

Will weave responsibility

For change

With Love and honesty,

Then softly drift

On tides of Trust to sweeter mooring….




© Lisa Gabriel, 3rd November 2005

Celtic Dream

The Music you hear is Celtic Dream from my album Flying to meet the Sunrise.... 
The tune is my arrangement of She Moved Through the Fair a traditional Irish ballad I am very fond of.
I am singing my own poem, the words written on a dark night.... 
This was mixed by Geoff Middleton, a lovely and very talented man I am privileged to call friend. 

Lifting the Veil



Love’s Wings lifted the veil!



So much of pain I let go free

And then such Grace received!

Now, loving, I walk tall and fear no Ill….


My heart is Mine to give it All

When Time is right;

For I Am Love,

So love will seek, shall find,

And lead me dancing to the Light!



© Lisa Gabriel, 5th November 2005

November Sun



November sun streams through the trees;

Quicksilver Essence – life, rebirth –

Emerald, gold and jade the leaves –

And silver – eulogy for Mother Earth.

Rubies – holly berries – dance aflame

Within a rich crowned canopy of thorns

And amethyst, dark liquor long since drained.

Sun through sapphire dapples velvet lawns….

Freedom gives us Grace to conquer pain.

Life is for living! Gladly now I see

How impotent the Sun is without rain,

At One with Love, content to simply Be….

As letting go has drawn me close to You

How can I fail to dance through Life anew!



© Lisa Gabriel, 7th November 2005

In the Wood….





Fragrant as roses

In the golden glow of Autumn.


Caressing leaves,

Whispers through trees aflame;

My heart afire

With long forgotten dreams….


Radiant as a smile,

Bursts through 

Tentative dawn mist -

My earthbound Soul reborn ….



© Lisa Gabriel, 14th November 2005




Catch me if you can!

Brighter than any star,

I fall into your hands

Caressing as I trickle through

These golden sands of Time….

Paler than any

Silver tongued Moonrise

In the lazy Autumn

Hazy, full of richness

In the azure skies.



Hold me if you can….

Wilier than the fox

I’ll weave my magic

Wriggle free of chains that bind -

Cold steals from weary hearts -

I’ll coax from troubled mind

True promise

Of Love’s gentleness –

Lazy, in the moment

Of Time’s subtle kiss!



And when you see me rise

To part the mists of pain

Then you shall see Me as I Am,

And understand

The sparkle in my eyes.

In All, with All, Life set me free!

As One, I never looked for ties –

Was ever called to simply Be.

So, catch me if you can –

As I lift you, you nourish me….



© Lisa Gabriel, 17th November 2005

A Whisper of the Romantic....

A Whisper of the Romantic in the Eye of God.

This was the most ambitious of my poetry books to date, drawing together what I like best from my first two. 
At present I am working on a somewhat darker book dealing with issues of mortality.
I am also considering moving with the times and releasing my first two books on Kindle....
A Whisper of the Romantic is available also on Amazon UK and if you enjoyed this page, you will enjoy the book.
An Epub version is available on, just check out my author spotlight:

A Year Full Circle….



Veiling innocence,

Cold, yet comforting,

Glacial presence;

So strangely gentle,

This soft down blankets my world

Obscuring November’s hazy morning sun….

Shine silvery through the transient mists –

As you, I have been numb….



Full circle,

Free cycle,

Another year on the Wheel;

But do I choose to be so racked?

Or loose my grip –

Go spinning wild and free?

Know once I did not dare –

Losing made space to Be.


I win no glittering prize of passion

But a deeper Love

And knowledge locked within….


I will not relive through the years

Old fears and fairy-less tales,

Nor dance with fireflies

Through a Night of pain….



Relinquishing control –

Life’s old illusion –

I hitch my soul in trust

To this pale rising star

Still hazy through

The Autumn’s frozen kiss.

Retreat –

Surrender to an inner voice

So cradled in Love’s healing arms

Awaiting change without or growth within.

Let go….


Come what may….

Become a blazing Sun!


© Lisa Gabriel, 21st November 2005



Don't Mistake for Love



Don’t mistake for love

These seasons of idle chatter

In the wasteland of our loneliness -

The fall out of years of loss

A desperate railing against life’s cruelty

And our inability to control….

When Love finds you,

It will creep soft, with the stealth of a lamb,

Will disguise itself

In the open countenance of friendship

Will not desert when challenged

But wait as a faithful dog

For the opening of your heart to innocence….



© Lisa Gabriel, 24th November 2005