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A Wish for all my Friends….


Gently, my heart flies out to you -

In flight with the songs of a thousand years

And when your dreams meet the morning glow

May love and peace dissolve your fears.



May you dance in the stream of a thousand lives

And live as you never lived before;

Embrace each other in new-found joy

And never want for hope, and more….



May your songs be the songs of freedom

And compassion fill your days….

May you never stumble unhappy paths

Nor beauty cease to amaze.



May you know the joy that belongs to all

To God, to Man, to Creation whole -

For we are One, and we have won,

Embracing Love within the Soul….


© Lisa Gabriel, 5th May 2005

The Dreamtime….



In the full Expectancy

Of nothing more

Than what I own

Is mine to give,

What Worlds do I create?

Half sleeping,

Half awake,

In perfect pleasure

As I travel on?

Do not wake me,

Do not cut me off

From Life,

For Joy is here -

And in this hour is Peace.

This is the Dreamtime,

I, the Dreamer,

Let me sleep

Creating Worlds of Love…


©Lisa Gabriel, 22nd May 2005



Come love, and rise again!

Be like the stars

That shine forever in your eyes,

The sun that brightens all our days….

Control the tides of Love

As does the moon in sultry haze.

So let Light shine

And be the Love,

Then Love will lift your heart

As it does mine….


© Lisa Gabriel, 3rd June 2005

I Am Renewed By Love


I am renewed by Love.

I am renewed

By the smile on your face,

By the breeze which cools

In a soft embrace,

By the touch of the Sun

As it takes me

Home to rest awhile….

I am renewed by Love.


I am reclaimed in Love.

I am reclaimed

By the Peace in my Heart,

By the Light in your eyes

Which fills my Day

As new Dreams arise,

And they bring me

Hope of sweet release….

I am reclaimed by Love.


I am reborn in Love,

I am reborn

From the Night with the One,

Such a part of my Soul….

We have waited so long,

Now united and Whole

In the spirit of Peace -

So healing, so bright -

I am reborn in Light!


©Lisa Gabriel, 7th June 2005

A Second Chance.


Mind racing through the busy streets of care,

A country lane, slow moving truck

And I am late….

The only thought that matters, work,

So I move out to overtake and trust to luck….

The driver sees my signal, but different idea,

He floors the pedal,

Holds me off to face a head-on smash -

And face my fear….

I hit the brake!

The road is greasy - weeks of sunlight,

Tractor mud, a sprinkling of soft rain -

And I am bound for Hell or Heaven’s Gate

Beneath twin wheels.


Yet in that instant

Faith lends me the strength to act -

I steer into the skid, the Jaws of Fate….

That moment is the longest in my life.

Compassion melts my heart,

For those I love and words I did not say.

No question now of work or being late -

I close my eyes and pray.

And, in that moment, do I feel the Hand of God

Who turns me, gives a second chance?


I know for years, in dreams,

I feel that slide and turn, that sense of dread

That I had left so much undone.

That in my busy life and foolish schemes,

Hectic with work and bills to pay,

I failed to see the work of God

Whose hand was there to guide -

To keep serene within the Jaws of Death -

And show how much of Love was left unsaid…..


© Lisa Gabriel, 4th August 2005




When you come to me

In those silent moments of my choosing,

Ring my body with your light.


Tingling with awareness

Of all that was -

And is -

And shall be,

Then shall I know

That star within me

Burn so bright –

So fierce that I can scarce hold on

Yet face down fear

And turn its strength to healing….

What is given

Never shall be lost

Love will not find me wanting

In this stillness…



© Lisa Gabriel, 15th August 2005

Wrong Side of a Saxophone.



Wrong side of a saxophone –

The bright side –

Reflecting pictures

Of the world,

Surrounding mesh and play

Of colour planes

Incandescent with light….

You rarely see that side.

The side we’re shown,

Intricate always,

Myriad pipes, rods, buttons –


Neat little details

Lose us in the maze

And in that maze

We lose the light –

The side that artists

Love to see….


Simple, whole,

Unsullied –

Reflecting life

As life would have us be….

The bright side –

Wrong side of the saxophone!



© Lisa Gabriel 25th August 2005

Love from the ashes….



Here, in this time of healing,

There will be no pain –

No room for doubt –

We show despair the door

As Love we share….



And, in this time of Love,

Will be no loss, but gain

In strength and hope –

Each day, new dawning joy

Will banish care….



As from the ashes of our fears

New songs of Love arise

New promises and faith re-born,

Love, with Her gentle wings,

Will brush away all tears

And lead us to the Light –

Reflected in our eyes –

As smiling now we greet each dawn….



© Lisa Gabriel, 3rd September 2005


This Day



This day, I will to live

Free from the chains

That bind to errors of the past –

Nor find one grain of fear

In future days unknown and vast –

But exercise my will to give….



This day, I will to love

Complete and whole;

With dreams of waking in a world

Where themes of hope and peace

Reveal Love’s flower of Joy unfurled

In Heaven here - not far above….



This day, I will to Be

All that I Am;

To know an inner peace anew

That shows we all are One

Reflecting Love in all we do –

This wisdom now can set us free!



© Lisa Gabriel, 11th September 2005


The Only Death Is Fear….



Death is not to cease to Be –

We cannot cease

Though some may try –

Death is suppression

Of the Will to Rise,

Submission to our Fear -

The Ultimate of Lies.



Death is not the end of Self –

Self does not cease,

But on it flies

To seek expression

By what means it may.

Repressing Love and Joy

Obscures this Living Way.



Death of Fear will conquer All….

Denial of Love

Must cease to be

The chain that binds us

To our hollow lives,

Releasing Love to gain

Our New Reality…..



© Lisa Gabriel, 3rd October 2005


New World!




Through a child’s eyes

Grown new born awareness

And acceptance of old longings.


The red house –

Glowing magnificent

Nestled among the green.


Unreal but so imposing!

Rich vista!

Ruby pageant

Shining triumphant!

Who dares such vibrance

In this quiet space

To stir the pallid dullness

Of the village school?

In one step,

The house is grey….


Plays audacious tricks

Compounded by copper beech.

Retrace my steps and gaze again….


Swift through country lanes –

Pedal to the floor!

Gems –

Emeralds and diamonds –

Love trips the light fantastic

Through a canopy of trees –

Green guard of honour!

What power steers my world?

It takes my breath away –

No turning back….

New world!

Bejewelled with light,

Adorned with Life!


© Lisa Gabriel 25th October 2005

One Dream


Come now

Within the well of silence;

Time to hold each heart

At peace with Life….

See how the Stars shine on?

The Rain falls sweet?

The Air breathes Joy to taste?

All Life is in me

All is One, none stand alone,

Come now, come Life, make haste….



Come Life

Within the Heart of giving

Learn to sing awhile

In tune with Love….

Pure Love can never die;

It only grows

So, radiant, let it shine

Love has no end, no limit

If we own its Call to Freedom,

Forge no chains on heart and mind….



Come Love

Take up the Call to One-ness;

All shall find new Joy –

At One with Dreams….

There find eternal Light!

See how it shines so brightly?

We shall know no tender separation –

Past illusions fade – dream on,

Dare bolder Dreams, and dreaming grow….



© Lisa Gabriel, 29th October 2005

Seasons in the Fire….



When Spring Sun

Knew no time to breathe -

Love not an option -

Somehow She nurtured growth

And touched my heart,

Brought forth such song!

Then, haunting, turned to leave….



My Summer Sun,

Living in joyous fire

Stayed but awhile,

Then left for fairer climes

Comfort lay in shade

Retreating into self,

Reliving old desire….



When Autumn Sun

Appeared in bleaker days

My dreams took flight.

In openness and trust

I held the Light,

Still standing tall,

My chastened heart ablaze….



Now Winter Sun

Hones gems from leaves grown old,

My inner Sun

Still holds my soul in loving arms,

Cradling tired flame

Until new Light,

New Spring, dispels the cold….



© Lisa Gabriel, 5th December 2005

Divine Beauty

Gently birdsong
Penetrates the veil of human mind.
Such music never dies!
So, silent drifting,
Simply Be the Song
And close your eyes….

Beauty found me sleeping….
I found Love and rainbows
Chased my soul to noble height;
All in the Moment
Heard Love call
And saw the Light!

Within us all,
This Essence of the Now,
Begin to find
One vision call us home….
Love is not lost when All is One,
We only win as in Life’s scheme
We know,
We see,
We dare to Be the Beauty –
Fearless in our destiny
To Feel the Dream –
The mystery, Divine, of Love within….

© Lisa Gabriel 17th January 2005