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On Wings of Stone

Bach to the Swamp....

On Wings of Stone is a dramatic piece of music for organ, rock and orchestral instruments. Angel photos come courtesy of Colin Mason. The "Bach to the Swamp" Music was composed by myself and is available for download on MP3 at:

The sheet music (orchestral score and parts) is available on:
on my Sibelius home page (check composer index for Lisa Marie Gabriel and that page will take you to my compositions and arrangements)

You are always welcome to visit my page and listen to the music there as well as here on  


Victoriana is a classical orchestration I did from a Victorian piano selection by John Pridham. I was inspired by the cheerfulness of the music as well as the cover. My friend Colin Mason assisted me with Victorian images....

Apres Un Reve

I have always loved Gabriel Faure's beautiful music, his Requiem is an all time favourite of mine and has such lush songs! Apres Un Reve is a beautiful song for tenor and piano in its original version.

This video (my first attempt) was a visual illustration of my response to a commission, the remit was to arrange Apres Un Reve for six cellos (or more if possible). I was certainly up for the challenge as a musician, but I guess the commissioner didn't like the counter melody I wrote for the second half. Perhaps he just wanted a standard arrangement but sometimes the creative instinct just will out!!!