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Love me with gentleness


Love me with gentleness, not with the storm

Of passion that consumes all in its way.

For I am like the seed that flies on the wind,

My soul seeks finer soil in which to grow

And you might grasp too hard

And crush the flower before it‘s time in May.



Love me with contentment, not with fear of loss

For what we have is not and never can be lost

Though winds of change will take me on

To where I have to fly alone….

Know in my heart there’ll always be a special place

For you, and love that never counted cost….



Love me with compassion, for all the time

I gave to you, and never counted wholly mine.

The hours spent together in that common dream

And how I helped your spirits lift when others left them low.

For how I gave my heart and mind to help you win

So that once more, for you, the sun could shine.



Love me with detachment, not with chains,

For now a path I have to find in me

That takes me into lands uncharted now -

Where freedom is the key to my new life.

Commitment to another is the path I seek - so, let me go,

And know, to love me, you must set me free.



(c) Lisa Gabriel, 7th April 2005

To One I Love….


Loving you has taught me more

Perhaps than you will ever know.

I moved through pain, an open door,

And, living with it, had to show

A vision that the love I feel

Could one day lead to something more.


Feeling pain was just the worst

Perhaps that I could gain from this;

But through my tears I learned at last

To reach for peace and inner bliss -

Acceptance, unconditional love and strength -

An angel’s kiss, love unsurpassed.


I know that we are moving still

In spirit when our pain is rife;

We’ll move together through the mill

Of complicated inner strife,

And then as equals we shall stand -

United in the Light of life.


©Lisa Gabriel, 17th April 2005

The Pit and the Pendulum….


Recognise it, for it is a necessary state,

We dare to fly and then we crash, as victims to our fate,

But victims only if we fail to act before too late…

See the pit and pendulum? But still we dare to fly.

Recognise this as a trial, ordained in times gone by,

Then rise again triumphant for the victory is nigh;

And in time that pendulum will gradually slow,

The pit will fill with conscious love to cushion every blow.

Listen to that still small voice which says Let God, Let Go!

I feel this pain, then let it fade as phantom of the night.

It is not me, and so will pass - let go, and do not fight -

And every time it passes through, I see more of the Light.

Love, if the day should ever dawn when I should rise with you

The point of balance shows a love that’s equal, strong and true.



© Lisa Gabriel, 19th April 2005

Time - present - tide flows….


Fly to me in the darkness like a moth to a velvet flame.

The beat of your gentle wings will touch my heart.

Say that you’re with me always, that you own no shame,

That time and tide alone are all that keep our souls apart.


Speak to me in the shadows as you spoke to me once before,

Speak to my heart as one who treasures simple things.

Why should you fear me? Could I ever love you more?

Love, could I give you less than what I own my spirit sings?


Touch me in silent moments when the world is fast asleep,

When, sitting alone, I wonder at Love’s hidden schemes.

Had I but said “I love you”, what whirlwinds could I reap?

Simply, I trust that time and tide are merely dreams….


© Lisa Gabriel 20th April 2005

I moved from Love - to love -


I moved from Love - to love -

Just like a moth to flame,

Seeking I knew not what -

Direction lacking,

Unfulfilled, my spirit drained -

Somehow all lovers were the same…


Then I was drawn to you,

But learned that I must give you space,

And doubt became a fire;

Consuming passion

Seared a heart both new and free,

I did not understand my place…


I moved from doubt to hope,

Learning to love my inner truth.

Although I feared you lost to me,

Alone I stumbled

On a narrow path that led me

Back to innocence and youth…


And in that innocence

I learned that Love is always right,

Will never count the cost,

But freely speak its Name aloud -

Asks nothing more, nor less,

But gently moves from Love to Light…


© Lisa Gabriel, 15th May 2005



One Word, With All I Give To You…

Tentative, but tender,

Still smiling, half dreaming,

I rise to greet birdsong

And sunlight plays gently

On the canvas of memory.

Softly, your voice invades my mind

Its weapons of distraction

Have me reeling…


Respectful, rational,

Loving , still longing,

I move through awareness -

A state of half being

In life’s fullness and complexity -

Still praying you could love me

Though distance, a reality,

Lies heavy between us….



All giving, no taking,

I learn through experience

That Love needs no answer.

In the melee of living,

You are with me always,

Your presence a comfort -

Loaned me by One-ness…


Sensitive, yet simple,

Wond’ring, and wishing,

I love you through writing,

Caress through description,

Sing Love through calm imagery;

Touching on dreams still unshared

With lightness of Spirit -

So passes my night…


Tentative, and trusting,

Pen singing, heart waiting,

I seek only patience.

Will time lend full meaning

To truth deep within us;

Growing in courage

To venture the moment -

Dare say “I love you….” ?


©Lisa Gabriel, 18th May 2005

Flow With Me Always….


Flow with me always,

Swift running streams -

Laughing, sing your joy

Past boulders;

Sparkling, clean and pure,

So gently wear

Each stone

Loving as you flow

And as I love…


Speak with me always,

Song birds in the night -

Soft your gift at twilight -

Soothing music

Nourish heart and soul

With hope;

Break down these silent walls

And sing my Love…


Stay with me always,

Gentle breezes;

Caressing light and shade

Through leaves that bend and kneel

To One

Who knows my heart -

I know

Love calls you to this

Heart you own…


©Lisa Gabriel, 21st May 2005

Sea of Memory….


Waves tremble,


On the dark granite Ocean

That is my mind.

A fond tide stirs them,


My love for you,

Will never end…

Hold me

Just an instant in your thoughts,

That I might feel once more

The tender hand of memory

On this -

Faint Heart of Darkness …

Think of me awhile

With love,

So that your voice

May fill my soul

With light -

And laughter -

As I strive to catch the Dream

That I would share

With One -

A vital part of me -

Who drives the steady

Force of Love

Through time, space

And Eternity

Until it finds its Peace

With You….


© Lisa Gabriel, 25th May 2005

From The Heart Of Solitude


I touch the heart of solitude

As, once before -

Denying who I am

I did not say -

Perhaps I wronged you

With my silence?

Blind, a fool,

I only pray

For Fate to grant my Hope renewed…

I sing the heart of solitude

As here I stand;

For now I know my Love

But hardly dare

To speak of how I feel

For fear of loss…

I simply hope -

I dare not make demand -

All Time to share

With You, my Love, in gratitude…


© Lisa Gabriel, 26th May 2005

Love Is….


Love is -

As it is -

No more, nor less….

A touch -

Words whispered low

I must confess;

And yet

In darkest night

It shines - a lasting glow.

Perhaps it leads to greater Love?

Perhaps you know…


Love is -

As it is -

A joy received

This gift

That two can share

I once believed;

And yet

In light of day

It grows - still radiant there.

A dream that leads us all to Light?

If we but care…


Love is -

As it is -

Eternal Youth…

A hope

Of sweet release

The only Truth;

So still

This restless heart

And let all troubles cease.

In Love, we make our world anew -

The Road to Peace…


©Lisa Gabriel, 29th May 2005




Would you take me

By the Hand

And lead me,


Down an Unknown Path?

I trust you,

And you understand

The little things

That make me laugh!

And in that Laughter,

Let me live awhile;

Reborn in Love and Truth

And in your Smile?



And ,

Would you ask

No more of me

In love,

But that I love -

And know I care?

The Passion

Others do not see,

Might find

An understanding there

Within another,

Drawn to Love and Light;

Your arms a home

A comfort in my Night….


© Lisa Gabriel, 30th May 2005




This Perfect Day….


From this day

All tears we shed

Will be tears of Joy….

All laughter shared

Will be Hope….

I am here, my love.

Know I have waited

For so long, ….

There can be no more sadness

Now our souls are one.


From this night

All dreams I dream

Will be of you,

As no more tears

Flow sadly….

I am here, my love,

And if you need me

Simply call….

The Time will come for laughter

Now Life has begun….


© Lisa Gabriel, 16th June 2005